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Few More Truth About Vmake Visas

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Vmake Visas — fraud commitment, liar. very less knowledge of canada immigration.  Virat Sonar ComplainThe sales team is bunch of liar along with the manager richa, akansha in pune office. Please dont go for your immigration services to these guys. At the time of signing the agreement in november 2016 they said that the pnp for sinp, canada is open and if i enroll faster they will file for pnp so i paid the money to them.

When i checked on website the sinp was already closed still they said that it is open.

During the signing of agreement they said that they will also help in arranging proof of fund but when they tried to file for another...

Arsad Khan Complain They took 55k in one go from me for consulting for canada pr. First of all they haven't reviewed my profile before signing in. They just want contract and money. And shown some beautiful dreams of landing canada.

Post signing in.
Truth comes upfront, my crs score is 350 which will never come to the draw, which they later …

V make Visas Continously Cheating People......

Immigration is in demand so vmake visas playing with people dreams and cheating people with their money from last 3 years in the name of PMP which is fraud commitee in the name of immigration services and misleading people.

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I hope, friends you must have dreams of studying and working abroad but you should not blindly trust on every visas consultancy if you are also become the victim of such visas consultants please comment and mail me at we will publish your story on our blog this blog is just for sharing true information to people so that innocent people can diffirentiate between genuine and fake visas consultants.

Monisa Thakur

Top Reviews Of Vmake Visas

Vmake Visas Reviews

Monisa- Vmake visa company and team associated is absolutely fraud they are adding fake positive comment by own they looted my money. Please protect your self before they cheat you

Utpal Das- Very very bad experience.

Do not even reply to mails. I have paid the first 2 installments and suddenly the over enthusiastic staff has become cold. There is no response from management or complaint department either.

After the post, some senior guy made a call and told me to post a positive review and in lieu he will see that my issue is resolved. i requested him to solve my issue first and I would gladly remove or edit my post.

Protect Yourself From Fraud - Immigration

Vmakevisas is an absolute fraud company who is attempting to mislead people to steal money in terms of giving immigration for AUSTRALIA, CANADA, DENMARK, GERMANY, HONG KONG,USA, UNITED KINGDOM, NEW ZEALAND. There is bunch of people named as payal, sidhi, karuna, narendra and ankit kapoor director of vmake visas are making people fool after taking money Friends like me there is hundred of victim those been mislead and cheated by them.

For making their reputation in market Vmakevisas are sharing fake paid videos in you tube and adding positive comments by own and removing negative comments from their channel. You could become a victim of an immigration scam like vmakevisas.

 Before Going to vmakevisas please visit these complains which are against them and Keep yourself safe.